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For my entire life, I have loved baking. As a child, I found a passion with making cakes for my friends and family members for all of their birthday celebrations. As I grew up, I kept baking, I read lots of bakery books, and I watched every tutorial and baking competition show I could! I started to hone in on my skills and turn this passion into a business. Now I have gotten the chance to bring my desserts to the tables of many events, allowing me to give my artistic expression somewhere to live besides my own head (and stomach!) My repertoire of desserts is constantly expanding as I challenge myself to meet the needs of each client that comes to me for all of their bakery.

How To Support Us

You can order through the website, or through social media. We are also giving back to the community, so a piece of every sale helps local families in need. You can also give directly through our website!