Artisan Coffee

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Our Story

We opened Artisan Coffee about 5 years ago out of a passion for high quality products and seeing the need for a community space on the East side of Akron. The concept had been unintentionally developed over the course of 10 years, as Emily and I talked about what we would it would look like if we had a coffee shop. We never intended to actually open a shop, but eventually it seemed like the obvious next step. It’s been quite a journey figuring out how to do everything we do, developing systems and process, and how we can best serve our community. It’s has been totally worth it, and we love our customers, staff, and that we get to do something that helps people build relationships!

How To Support Us

As you could imagine, many of our staff depend on their hours. The more people that come out regularly, the more staff we can afford to have working! As our dining rooms are closed, ordering take-out and delivery is one way, but also shopping on our website can help too!