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I've always been the "artsy type" and as I got deeper into corporate design, I realized something was always missing. I always had a creative itch after hours, and I wanted to be able to share more of my work. I started creating small designs and craft projects, but when I travelled, I always gravitated towards stickers as souvenirs. I realized it was such a great, inexpensive way to share your artwork (if you're a creator), your brand (if you're a business owner), or even just your interests (if you're a consumer).

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If you buy stickers (or anything else from my site), please leave a review and rating! If you can't make a purchase right now (I get it, times are tough), just follow me on Instagram, share one of my posts, interact with me to help me fight the algorithms, or you can even hire me for a custom design! I also love to hear suggestions of what people would like to see in designed, or what stickers they'd buy if I had them.