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I make handsewn felt plushies, playsets, toys, cloth masks, and more! I also design enamel and acrylic pins, decals, stickers, and other fun items.

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Typically this time of year is our “slow” period- the lull between the busy Christmas season and Spring Art/craft shows, festivals, and other events. We’ve been sending in our applications and booth fees for events that would be beginning in April. These events are the majority of our income through the spring and summer months. As of writing this, our events through mid-May have been cancelled or are being rescheduled much later into the year. I fully expect the trend to continue well into May and June - demolishing the bulk of our events. This means that we’re trying to get our Etsy shop out there and focusing on online orders. Being just one gal wearing all of the hats while continuing to create items, is a big job on a regular day - doubly so now. Any help spreading the word, and of course, placing online orders is a HUGE help to keep me, this tiny business, and my dreams and goals going through the current times!