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Art x Love was founded in Akron in 2015 by the husband-and-wife team of Mac & Allyse Love. We deal in private art commissions, public art projects, and strategic brand initiatives for non-profits, community organizations, and multi-national corporations. We believe in the health of art and the power of creative courage, and excel at designing art that changes the way people think, feel, and operate in select environments.

How To Support Us

Help us support local by pledging to our kickstarter campaign for Akron on Deck, a set of Akron playing cards featuring 52 local businesses and cultural institutions with cards by 52 local artists. A pledge of $15 or more will get you a deck of cards if we hit our target before May 26. Head over to Akron on Deck to learn more, back the project, or submit art!

Reach us directly at 330-238-8588 or to get a free consult and preliminary estimate. Subscribe to our e-newsletter (The INSPO) for project updates, worthwhile insights, fun tangents, and opportunities to support local creatives.