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Our Story

AUI is a third generation and female owned family business that focuses on small businesses. We believe that small business is the backbone of our community and that small business problems require the same time and attention as their large business counterparts; which is why we work to support them not just during the sales process but throughout the year. Education is important to us which is why we enroll our clients in AUI University and provide them with additional free learning opportunities throughout the year ranging on topics from how to use their benefits, equity and inclusion, compliance, and many more.

AUI also believes that serving the community is just as important as doing business in the community which is why we give back to the community in both our time and our resources through AUI Gives Back.

How To Support Us

People can support AUI by supporting AUI’s key customer: the small business. We encourage you to shop local and support local because when you do this you are providing for those small businesses and their employees which means they in turn help us by keeping their insurance and consulting benefits in place.

When you help them, you help us.

At AUI, we know that there may be individuals impacted by a workforce reduction and we want to help them. Losing your benefits can be scary and we’re here to help. AUI can help individuals find insurance benefits for themselves or their organization and their is no additional cost by having AUI help you - that cost is already built into the insurance premium.

Benefit compliance is probably not on the minds of most business owners right now but at AUI it’s on ours. We will work to make sure you have all the tools and resources you need, and we’re here to answer your questions. We enroll you in AUI University our online education platform and help you build a HR compliance library.