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For 50 years, PFI has manufactured custom-built trade show exhibits in Northeast Ohio.  During the current pandemic, we think we can help our community by adapting our factory and the modular war systems we engineer and fabricate to assist the medical industry.  We can create Temporary Triage Areas, Safe Entry-Screening Kiosks/Booths, Common Area Barriers, and other installations to enhance safety and privacy.  These systems can be scaled and deployed in weeks. 

How To Support Us

Helping connect us with the right people in the healthcare field, in the region's grocery stores, even municipalities, health departments, and more.  Essentially, we can create safety systems anywhere that people still need to interact during this pandemic.  Of course, we'd love to here other creative ways we can adapt.  As a custom designer and builder of all types of displays and environments, the sky is the limit in terms of what we can create.  #stayhealthy